ICFPM Rome 2007

The VI International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism (ICFPM) “New trends in nanoparticle magnetism” was held in Rome, Italy.

Members of the international scientific and engineering communities interested in recent developments in the magnetism of nanoparticle systems and associated technologies were invited to attend the Conference and contribute to the technical sessions.

The objective of the conference was to bring together experts in the field of nanoparticle magnetism in a single forum to discuss recent developments in theoretical, experimental and technological applications, related to the field of nanoparticle magnetism.



A. Berkowitz  R. Chantrell  O. Chubykalo Fesenko  M. Coey  L. Del Bianco  J. Fidler  P. Gambardella              M. Gruner  G. Gubbiotti  G. Handjipanayis  A. Hernando  A. Lascialfari  S. Majetich  P. Morales  P. Norblad  K. O’Grady  Q. Pankhurst  M.P. Pileni  T. Thomson  T. Suzuki  Takao A. Yamamoto  K. Takanashi


Organization of magnetic array

Multifunctional nanomagnets



Magnetic core/shell nanocomposites

Sensor and devices

Spin dynamics

Biomedical Applications