Poster presentations

The poster layout is PORTRAIT.

Please, prepare your poster to fit these dimensions, preferably in a single sheet:

90 cm wide x 1.2m long (35.5 inches wide x 47 inches long).

Please, refer to the final program book that you will receive upon arrival at the Conference for your poster board number.

We encourage you to keep your poster displayed from Monday to Thursday, although you are committed to be present at it only during your assigned session.

Poster sessions will consist of two shifts: poster session #1 on Monday (17:30-18:30) and Tuesday (17:30-18:30), poster session #2 on Wednesday (17:30-18:30) and Thursday (16:45-17:45). Please, check these times in the final program booklet.

All posters should be removed after the session on Thursday afternoon. ICFPM2019 and the organizers thereof will not be responsible for posters that are not removed on time or that are damaged.

We look forward to seeing your posters and discussing about them!

Cancellation of poster presentations

Please, help us to avoid non-shows! Don’t let your poster board to be empty.

In case you are unable to present your communication, we kindly ask you to tell us as soon as possible at