ICFPM Pittsburg 2002

The purpose of this unique meeting was to collect the leaders in the field of fine particle magnetism at a single forum and, through presentations in their respective specialties, to acquaint the magnetism community to the fundamentals of the magnetic character displayed by fine particles, methods for their preparation including self-organized magnetic arrays, and guidance for obtaining proper information from the measured data. Also included in the many topic areas covered in this meeting were the spin dynamics and transport in such systems, and the magnetism reversal mechanisms in ensembles of nano-particulates and nano-structures.


A. Berkowitz  P.A. Lindgard  S. Morup  Q.Pankhurst  P. Svedlindh  B. Rellinghaus  Jai-Sung Lee  M. del Puerto Morales  Y. Raikher  D. Ryan  H. Zeng  J.W. Harrell  M.P. Pileni  B. Stahl  R. Cowburn  M. Grimsditch  C. Ross  K. Guslienko  W. Scholz  K. O’Grady  A. Stancu  A. Labarta  L.T. Kuhn  J. Tejada  D. Reich


Interaction Effects Between Nanoparticles

Spin Glass Behavior

FePt-based Nanoparticle Systems

Self Assembly of Nanoparticles

Nanomagnetic Logic Devices

Magnetization Dynamics in Vortex States

Magnetic Nanowires for Biological Applications

Enhanced Magnetocaloric Effects in Nanocomposites

Atomic Scale Issues in Magnetic Fine

Particle properties

Spin Canting and Transverse Relaxation