ICFPM Perpignan 2013

In 2013, the International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism held its 8th edition in Perpignan, France from 24 to 27 June.

It was chaired by Hamid Kachkachi, and organized by the group Nanoscale Spin Systems of the laboratory PROMES of the CNRS (UPR8521), and Université de Perpignan Via Domitia. The meeting took place at the Congress
Center of the city of Perpignan. After a sight-seeing tour in the beautiful town of Collioure, on  theVermeille coast, the poster session took place in a XII century nice Château, followed by the conference gala dinner held at the same place.


D. Fiorani  J. Weizenecker  G. Vallejo-Fernández  C. Sangregorio  F. Pineider Q. Pankhurst  S. Bégin  P. Morales  S. Yamamoto  M. Respaud  H. Mamiya T. Panczyk  M. Hillenkamp R. Shull  M.P. Pileni  H. Brune  L. Balcells  J. Dickerson  O. Petracic  M. Beleggia  K. Chesnel  P. Allia  B. Jeyadevan  J. de Toro  I. Zins  M. Andersson  S. Giri  R. Tan  C. Boeglin  N. Bergeard  H.B. Braun  U. Atxitia  D. Garanin  C. Thirion  K. Gusliyenco  N. Barros  G. Klughertz  M. Farle  G. Campo  S.H. Phark  G. de Loubens  A. Kleibert  A. Lappas  P. Nieves  V. Dupuis  V. Salguerino  D. Toulemon O. Iglesias  C. Frandsen  M. Nakaya  O. Crisan



Fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles

Single-particle focused experimental probes

Finite-size and surface effects

Magnetization dynamics and switching processes

Organization of magnetic arrays and inter-particle interactions

Intrinsic vs. collective effects in nanoparticles assemblies

Magnetotransport and magnetocaloric phenomena

Recording, spintronics, high frequency applications

Energy conversion and solar cells, refrigerants

Biomedical applications