ICFPM London 2004

In September 2004, the UK Nanomagnetism Network and the London Centre for Nanotechnology hosted the 5th International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism.

The objective of the meeting was to explore latest developments in the fundamentals and applications of nanoscale magnetic clusters, particles and grains. This particular conference had a very broad remit, and encompassed the interdisciplinary breadth of much of today’s innovative work on nanoscale magnetic materials. In recognition of this, symposia were organised around the themes of biomagnetism and Earth and the environment, alongside the familiar themes of fundamental properties, applications, and imaging and characterisation.


L. F. Barquin  J. Lord  K. Verosub  R. Dunin-Borkowski  K. Novoselov  J. Dobson  L. Trahms  T. St Pierre  P. Morales  A. Harrison  M. Hounslow  J. Geissman  S. McEnroe  N. Linford  D. Walton  D. Potter  X. Battle  T. Shen  D.Fiorani  V. Skumryev  P. Bissell  S. Majetich  F. Ogrin  Walther  Schwarzacher  L. Thiel Kuhn  Del Atkinson  Y. Xu  C. Binns