ICFPM Gaithersburg 2016

The 9th International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism was held in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA in 2016.

The co-chairs in charge of this edition were Robert D. Shull, George Hadjipanayis and Cindi Dennis. The conference took place in the facilities of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg.



James Martin  Armin Kleibert  Francesco Pineider  Natalia Rinaldi-Montes  Ralph Skomski  Lisa Tauxe  Sara Majetich  Andrei Kirilyuk  Giuseppe Muscas  Andris Bakuzis  Ondrej Hovorka


Single-particle focused experimental probes

Fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles

Biomedical applications

Magnetization dynamics and switching processes

Organization of magnetic arrays and inter-particle interactions

Recording, spintronics, high frequency applications

Energy conversion and solar cells, refrigerants

Finite-size and surface effects

Intrinsic vs. collective effects in nanoparticle assemblies

Magnetotransport and magnetocaloric phenomena

Labeling, sealing, and geological uses