ICFPM Barcelona 1999

In 1999, ICFPM was called 3rd EuroConference on Magnetic Properties of Fine Particles and their Relevance to Materials Science. It was held in Barcelona from 19th to 22nd October.

The co-chairs of this edition were X. Batlle and A. Labarta  from the Group of Magnetism and Transport Properties, Department of Fundamental Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Barcelona. The Organizing Committee was completed by M. García del Muro, O Iglesias, V. Franco and B.J. Hattink.

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S. Mørup  P. Jönsson  D. Fiorani  J. Tejada  B. Barbara  D. Gatteschi  E. Berkowitz  J. Rivas  F. Petroff  V. Franco  W. Wernsdorfer  R. Sappey  A.D. Kent  J. Bartolomé  R.D. Shull  G.C. Hadjipanayis  K. O’Grady  Ll. Balcells  R. Ziolo  J.M. Ruiz  C.J. Serna  R.W. Chantrel  H. Kronmüller  J. Fidler  W.T. Coffey  E. Vives  J.M. Rubí  E. Tronc  B. Martínez  H. Kachkachi  A. Hernando  J.M. Barandiarán  K.M. Krishnan  J.M. González  J. González  I.K. Schuller  J.L. Vicent  J. Elmers  J.N. Chapman  C. Van Haesendonck  K. Ounadjela  M.F. Hansena  M. Garcia del Muro



Dynamics and Interacting systems

Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling in Small Particles and Molecular Magnets

Magnetotransport Properties

Applications and Devices

New Preparation Techniques

Theory, Modeling and Numerical Simulation

Surface Properties

Multiphase Materials

Magnetic Nanostructures